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Marina Del Rey Hospital Editors’s editors are all medical professionals currently working at Marina Del Rey Hospital. Experienced and skilled doctors and healthcare professionals came together forming an enthusiastic team, which strongly believes that accurate information is the key to achieving a high level of education not only for the patients but for the general public as well.’s editorial group is formed by healthcare professionals coming from every healthcare department of Marina Del Rey Hospital as follows:

Marina Spine Center

Spine surgeons Watkins Senior and Junior are responsible for the spine department related information posted on our website however information is provided by all orthopaedic spine surgeons working with Marina Spine Center and have valuable information to share strictly related to their area of expertise.

  • Robert Watkins, IV MD
    Co-Medical Director,
    Marina Spine Center
    See Profile

  • Robert Watkins, III MD
    Co-Medical Director,
    Marina Spine Center
    See Profile

Marina Weight Loss

Bariatric surgeons Jeremy Korman and Dr. Mona Misra are the responsible editors of information regarding bariatric surgery. They are assisted in their work by registered dietitian, Julie Oldenburg who provides our website with diet and nutrition information for our bariatric patients and Bridgette Agee, our Registered Nurse is in charge of providing information about the pre and post operative processes. Kelly Willard-Beuth is our Physical Therapist and she provides information about exercise plans and advice on how our patients can lead an active, healthy life after their surgery.

Marina Robotics

Robotic surgery related information is supervised by Dr. Daniel Marcus, however information on robotic surgery is provided by all our robotic surgeons.

  • Daniel Marcus MD
    Robotic Surgeon,
    Marina Robotics
    See Profile

Marina Orthopedics

Information posted on our website related to orthopedics is supervised by Dr. Andrew Bulczynski, although the other orthopedic surgeons contribute in providing the information.

  • Andrew Bulczynski MD
    Orthopedic Surgeon,
    Marina Orthopedics
    See Profile

Cardiology Department

Cardiology related information posted on the website is supervised by Dr. John Kennedy head of non-invasive cardiology at Marina Hospital.

  • John Kennedy MD
    Preventive Cardiology,
    See Profile

Our website’s content is continuously improved, edits to the pages are made on a regular basis.

With the information we provide we seek to help our patients and the general public with a better understanding of the illnesses one might encounter.

Further Editors

  • Brittany Elmore, MHA - Business Development
  • Bridgette Agee, Registered Nurse
  • Julie L. Oldenburg, Dietitian

Bibliography of Sources and References Used by our Editors

Weight Loss Resources
Spine Resources
Orthopedics Resources
Robotics Resources
Cardiology Resources
This page was last updated on 12/23/2016 2:02 PM PST by Brittany Elmore, MHA - Business Development at Marina Del Rey Hospital