Community Benefit Program

In September 2015, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center acquired Marina Del Rey Hospital and converted the hospital from a for-profit to a non-profit entity. The acquisition was part of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s ongoing development as a comprehensive healthcare organization offering healthcare services operating in multiple locations, making it easier for more people to access coordinated quality care close to home.

Marina Del Rey Hospital's conversion to nonprofit status results in an enhanced ability to serve the healthcare needs of the local community, including Community Benefit programs and services, consistent with the charitable purposes adopted by the hospital’s Board of Directors. Marina Del Rey Hospital has begun the process of data collection, analysis and community partner building to understand the needs and opportunities for enhanced service to the community.

Meeting The Needs Of The Community

Homelessness is prevalent in the beach cities area of Marina Del Rey Hospital. In an effort to begin strategic and regional problem-solving of homelessness, Marina Del Rey has actively sought out partners in order to understand and serve our community better. These partners include:

  • Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin's collaborative efforts

  • Westside Health Access Stakeholder Group, Emergency Department Committee

  • Other city-wide homelessness collaborators

In 2016, Marina Del Rey Hospital engaged key partners to support caring for the homeless population of Marina Del Rey. Additionally, Marina Del Rey Hospital made donations to the following local homeless service organizations:

  • Ocean Park Community Center (The People Concern)
  • St. Joseph's Center
  • Venice Family Clinic’s Integrated Mobile Health Team

Additional Community Programs

Marina Del Rey Hospital is committed to the health and well-being of our diverse communities. We strive for close and effective partnerships with community groups and city agencies to build programs that meet our communities needs such as:

  • Our Annual Community Health Fair
  • Weekly Community Yoga Classes
  • Monthly Community Dance Fitness Classes
  • Menopause Support and Education Groups (Red Hot Mamas®)
  • Participation in local community events

In 2017, Marina Del Rey Hospital will expand partnerships seeking to address the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County, in particular within the beach cities area. Additionally, the hospital will engage in community benefit programs and services that seek to address identified significant health needs.

We strive to improve the health status of our community and provide compassionate, high quality healthcare.