Your BMI is 27

Your BMI of 27 falls into the overweight category. While you may not consider a weight loss procedure at this time, it is necessary to watch your diet closely and to implement regular exercise in your daily routine. Our office can offer you a medically supervised diet as well to improve your overall health and well-being.

Keep in mind that in order to stay at a healthy weight, you will have to do a little planning. Weight gain can be prevented by choosing a lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits and daily physical activity.

As we age, our body composition gradually shifts in the way that the proportion of muscles decreases, while the proportion of fat increases, slowing down metabolism and making it easier to gain weight. Whatever your current body weight is, remember that it is important to maintain a positive outlook and focus on the steps whether you need to take to keep your current body weight, or lose a few pounds.

Your BMI of 27 weight loss surgery is not yet recommended although you should watch your weight. Eat healthily and exercise at least twice a week. However, if your BMI reaches 29, weight loss surgery costs will vary between $7,000 and $23.000 depending on the type of procedure you require. The majority of the expenses will be covered by the weight loss surgery insurance, just check the terms of your insurance policy.

It is a good idea to consult your medical specialist about the recommended exercise routine for your specific case. Benefits of the most known forms of physical activity:

  • Cardio exercises: heart and lung strengthening, along with an increased lung capacity, caloric burn, better metabolism, reduced stress, better sleep, and weight loss.
  • Strength-training: a stronger body with less fat and more muscle mass, reduced risk injury, reduced arthritis pain, lowers high blood pressure.
  • Stretching exercises: improved exercise performance paired with reduced risk of injury, better posture, reduced pain in the lower back, better coordination, and general overall well-being.