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The well-qualified surgeons at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital can provide advice, information, and options for patients with appendicitis. Our state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled doctors can perform appendectomy procedures that minimize patient discomfort and ensure a speedy recovery.

An appendectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove the appendix. The appendix is a strange organ in that we can live without one, but we can’t live with an infected or inflamed one. This is why appendicitis is a serious condition that should be treated immediately with surgery. If the infection is left untreated, an abscess can burst, perforate the wall of the appendix, and cause a potentially fatal condition called peritonitis.

There are two types of appendectomy: Laparotomy and laparoscopy. A laparotomy involves a 2-4 inch incision, whereas laparoscopy only requires one or several small abdominal incisions through which surgical tools and a video camera are inserted into the abdomen.

An appendectomy is a routine surgical procedure performed on patients suffering from appendicitis.

The function of the appendix is largely unknown; most likely it is unnecessary to modern humans. Removing this superfluous organ will not impact your quality of life.

 Laparoscopy is the most commonly used appendectomy procedure. An open appendectomy is rare.

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that minimizes a patient's discomfort and pain, and guarantees a quicker recovery and less scarring than open surgery.

With minimally invasive surgery, a patient can expect to be out of the hospital and on their feet in a couple of days.

A robot-assisted appendectomy is a less invasive surgery that yields faster recovery times. First, a doctor will perform the initial motions (anesthetics, incision, insertion of cannulas, etc.) with the robotic arms.

Then the doctor will operate the robot’s controls and supervise the robotic arms from a magnified 3-D image on the monitor screen.

The appendix is removed by the robotic arm, and stitches are made by the doctor or a medical assistant.

Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital uses a the state-of-the-art da Vinci® Surgical System, whose key components include:

  • Four interactive robotic arms
  • A high-definition 3-D vision system
  • A patient-side cart, where the patient is placed during the operation
  • An ergonomic console for the surgeon to sit at during the surgery
  • Proprietary EndoWrist® tools

With the assistance of the da Vinci® Surgical System, surgeons at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital can perform appendectomies through one small incision. Most often the incision is made through the navel, which will hide any minimal scarring. The robotic system enhances the accuracy of the surgical procedure, ensuring stability and precision in the handling of the instruments, while preserving the doctor’s ability to intervene and guide the robotic arm. The trauma is minimized in a single site appendectomy; the patient experiences minimal pain, scarring, and recovery time.