Urgent Care

Prompt Medical Services in a Compassionate Environment

Referring to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and serious conditions and diseases that require medical attention within 24 hours, urgent care is a branch of medicine that is available at Cedars Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital. Our team of highly experienced triage nurses and doctors will provide you with quality urgent care services, whether you have a urinary tract infection or a small laceration for which you need stitches. As soon as you enter our hospital, you will be greeted by one of our nurses, who will subsequently guide you to the medical professional you have to see for your health problem.

Our Medical Team Will Quickly Restore Your Health

With years of professional experience, our team of urgent care medical specialists will attend to your health problem within the shortest time possible so that you can enjoy a carefree life once again. Regardless of the nature of your health issue, we are ready to take on challenging medical cases and eventually provide you with the most effective treatment.

Our hospital is equipped with state of the art technology, by virtue of which we can quickly and accurately diagnose any medical problem. Whether you need blood work or a CT scan, our urgent care team will have you undergo the tests you need for a precise diagnosis. Since 1969, we have been offering superior healthcare to the County of Los Angeles and have slowly but surely earned the trust and appreciation of our community.

If you have a health problem that you think requires urgent care, we encourage you to visit Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital as soon as possible for a thorough examination. After you undergo the necessary tests and exams, our urgent care team will assign you a precise diagnosis, which will subsequently lead to the recommendation of the best treatment for your specific health problem. The following conditions and diseases usually qualify you for a visit to the urgent care department of a hospital:

  • allergic reactions
  • mononucleosis
  • bronchitis
  • ear infection
  • urinary tract infections
  • pink eye
  • influenza
  • fractures
  • sprains
  • whiplash
  • a cold
  • asthma
  • sore throat
  • finger and nail injuries
  • skin infection
  • animal and insect bites
  • lacerations
  • sinusitis

However, there are multiple other conditions and diseases for which you can visit the urgent care department of Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital. If you experience distress or pain, regardless of the intensity of these symptoms, it is a wise idea to come to our hospital, as your condition or disease may become more and more severe if left untreated or, even worse, fatal. Thereby, it is better to be safe than sorry.

A Rapid Intervention Can Save Your Life

When you struggle with a condition or disease that can prove fatal within 24 hours, time matters a lot. Therefore, it is better to visit a hospital as soon as you notice distressing symptoms for a timely diagnosis. Early diagnosis will decrease your chances of developing serious health complications and will also grant you access to the most effective treatment available for your health problem. It is important to keep in mind that certain demographics are at high risk of losing their lives if their health issue is not properly attended to, such as the elderly who struggle with upper respiratory infections. For instance, a simple pneumonia can become fatal if left untreated in a patient over the age of 65 who also suffers from other health conditions or diseases. If you find yourself having the following symptoms and conditions, it may be time to visit our urgent care department:

  • chest pain
  • difficulty breathing
  • fainting
  • numbness on one side
  • fever with a rash
  • head or eye injury
  • seizures
  • burns
  • severe cuts
  • flu symptoms
  • concussion

Regardless of the severity of your health problem, the urgent care team of medical professionals at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital is ready to help you pinpoint the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing by using the latest diagnostic technology. After you receive your diagnosis, which may take several hours at most, you will be prescribed the most effective, as well as the safest, treatment for your health issue. Visit the department of urgent care of our hospital without worry, as our nurses and doctors are extensively trained and highly experienced.