About the Da Vinci Si Surgical System

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Robotics represents the future of minimally invasive surgery, because this revolutionary technology vastly increases our surgeons' control. Cedars Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital has significant expertise in using the advanced da Vinci Si Surgical System for achieving progress in reducing pain, lowering surgical risk and improving patient care.

Safer Surgery with Robotics

Articulated robotic instruments maneuver around delicate structures within the body, giving our skilled physicians direct access to organs and tissues that are difficult or even impossible with traditional instruments.

During the procedure, the surgeon sits at a console and directly controls four robotic arms that rotate in directions not possible with standard laparoscopy – significantly enhancing the surgeon’s dexterity. Leading-edge camera optics provide a detailed, 3-D, high-resolution view 10 times more magnified than the human eye.

All this makes possible more intuitive navigation and gives our highly trained surgeons an unprecedented precision of movement far steadier than the human hand.

Patient safety is greatly improved. Robotic-assisted surgery can reduce pain and make surgery less risky by making operations easier and safer:

  • Less physician fatigue - Instead of standing over a patient for hours, doctors now operate seated at the control console
  • Fewer involuntary movements - The system automatically detects and corrects unintended tremors of the surgeon’s wrists and fingers.
  • A clearer view - Surgeons now see a magnified, 3-D perspective for an extraordinarily detailed look at intricate anatomy.

For our patients, the benefits of robotic surgery can include:

  • Smaller incisions and dissections
  • Less scarring
  • Less pain and trauma to the body
  • Reduced blood loss 
  • Faster recovery

Is the da Vinci Si Surgery System Right for You?

If you are:

…then a robotic-assisted operation using the da Vinci Si Surgery System may make your results better and may be more comfortable than traditional surgery.

As the experts in this leading-edge technology, we are happy to discuss your alternatives to both traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy.

To learn how the very latest technology in the caring hands of Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital doctors can enrich your health and well-being, please call us at 888.600.5600 or visit us today.