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Full Range of Treatments

Due to their training in numerous medical fields, our family physicians can prescribe appropriate and efficient treatment for an impressive variety of medical conditions.

Compassionate Care for All Age Groups

Our family medicine physicians will carefully attend to everyone’s needs.

Extensive Training for Excellent Services

Our family medicine physicians are able to offer you and your loved ones reliable and well-informed advice.

Primary care physicians dedicate their time and expertise to treat people of any age, from newborns to senior citizens. This type of approach will only function on the grounds of ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship and care. The ability to deal with the whole spectrum of medical problems is based on the extensive training that includes six major medical fields:

  • pediatrics
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • internal medicine
  • psychiatry and neurology
  • surgery
  • community medicine

In order to perform well when faced with unique cases they meet on a daily basis, primary care physicians are also well instructed in fields such as emergency medicine, ophthalmology, radiology, geriatrics, etc.

The primary care physicians and the associated care teams at Marina Del Rey Hospital treat patients of all ages, gender and states of health, and provide care for a wide spectrum of medical conditions and injuries. Should the patient be in need of a different type of medical treatment, our medical services include coordinated testing and treatment with specialized experts.

Common medical conditions we deal with and treat include:

  • pregnancy care (including gestational diabetes) and postpartum depression
  • common breast conditions
  • childhood illnesses and developmental disorders
  • injuries, sports injuries and accidents (including minor cuts, scrapes and skin wounds)
  • allergies
  • heart diseases and blood pressure problems
  • common infectious diseases
  • common skin disorders
  • common eye disorders
  • type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • obesity
  • common orthopedic disorders
  • joint and muscle disorders
  • medication management
  • anxiety, mental and emotional problems
  • substance abuse problems

Service and treatments offered by our board-certified, trained primary care physicians cover the full range, and include:

  • annual health and wellness evaluation for children and adults
  • flu shots, allergy injections and immunizations
  • intrauterine device placement and removal
  • Pap smears and evaluations and contraception, pelvic and breast exams
  • pregnancy care, low-risk vaginal delivery and newborn child care
  • physical exams for camps (summer and sports)
  • skin biopsy and treatments
  • diagnostic laboratory services
  • joint injections
  • preoperative evaluation
  • incisions and drainage of abscesses
  • minor surgery procedures (toenail removal, circumcision, vasectomy), casting and splinting sprains and broken bones
  • endometrial biopsy
  • care of chronic diseases
  • nutritional counseling and weight management
  • diabetes education and classes
  • treatment of high blood pressure
  • palliative care
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • PFT (pulmonary function test)
  • X-ray
  • Lab testing
  • Colposcopy
  • Ultrasound
  • CT
  • MRI

We Play an Active Role in Our Community

Through general lectures and events for patients and residents, seminars for therapists, and meetings with doctors and staff. Register for a seminar or join us for a special event at Marina Del Rey Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

A primary care physician practices general medicine, and ensures continuous, comprehensive health care to the entire family irrespective of age, gender, and medical problems.

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Some of the common illnesses treated by a primary care physician are flu, fever, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis, ear infection, throat infections, or UTIs.

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We, at Marina Del Rey Hospital, recommend calling our office well in advance to schedule your appointment with one of our primary care physicians. However, in case of emergency appointments we try to accommodate you on the same day.

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By consulting a primary care physician you receive advice and guidance, as well as referrals to specialized doctors.

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In emergency situations do not hesitate to call us at 310.448.5200, even on a weekend or a holiday, as our physicians on duty will be available to answer your questions and decide on what care you need.

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