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In order for this treatment to represent the safest and most effective option for your recovery, the doctors of podiatric medicine at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital will make sure this procedure is performed by using the most advanced medical equipment and techniques available today. After undergoing plantar fasciotomy at our health center in Los Angeles, the pain you are suffering from will be eliminated so you can start enjoying life again.

Plantar fasciotomy is a surgical procedure, which consists in the release of the tension accumulated on the plantar ligament. This surgery is performed for patients diagnosed with plantar fasciitis who have tried a conservative treatment but it did not manage to stop the pain and inflammation of the plantar fascia. Moreover, as the non-surgical treatment can last even a year, plantar fasciotomy represents a quick, safe and efficient option for any person, especially for athletes who wish to recover as soon as possible.

Yes, plantar fasciotomy can be performed both in the classic way and endoscopically in order to alleviate the plantar ligament and to eliminate the pain and the inflammation.

However, if the conservative treatment fails to improve the health state of the patient and he/she continues to have pain, doctors usually recommend the endoscopic plantar fasciotomy in favor of the classic surgical approach.

This procedure is performed using special surgical instruments and a tiny video camera.

There are several advantages that all endoscopic surgeries provide:

  • increased precision
  • small incision (only 5mm)
  • minimally invasive procedure
  • fast recovery

Plantar fasciotomy is a surgery, which lasts approximately 60 minutes and can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

When performing the operation, the surgeon follows several steps:

  • Establishing the incision site: the doctor establishes the place of the incision
  • Marking the incision point: the surgeon makes some measurements and according to them he/she performs the incision
  • Creating the portal: the third step consists in creating the portal where the cannula will be introduced
  • Preparing for the introduction of the cannula: the doctor uses an instrument to lift the plantar fascia in order to be able to introduce the cannula
  • Introducing the cannula: the surgeon introduces the cannula in the canal that has been created
  • Releasing the plantar fascia: this is the sixth step of the procedure and it is performed endoscopically
  • Closing the operation: this step is realized using sutures and after that the foot will be bandaged and put in a surgical shoe
  • Showers can be made regularly but the foot has to be kept away from the water for 3 weeks
  • Sutures will be removed after 14 days 
  • Wearing a patch and comfortable shoes is mandatory
  • In the first month after the operation you have to avoid standing more than 5 minutes per hour
  • You can start the stretching exercises the second day after the surgery
  • Avoid climbing stairs or other strenuous activities for two months

Frequently Asked Questions About Plantar Fasciotomy

Patients typically qualify for fasciotomy if they have tried conservative treatments such as anti-inflammatory medicine or arch support for approximately 9-12 months without achieving pain relief.

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