Scott T. Had Gastric Bypass Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

Before my gastric bypass, i was struggling to go down hill. My boss came with me to Dr. Korman's seminar he found online and right there I decided that I will do this.

Scott T.

I’ll be forever grateful to Dr. Korman and the amazing team at Marina del Rey Hospital for helping me improve the way I live. They helped me get rid of the extra pounds which in turn solved a bunch of other issues for me, as I was informed it would when I was exploring the options I had. I’m sleeping infinitely better now, my blood pressure is under control, not to mention that I look better than I think I ever did. I kind of feel lucky to have stumbled upon Dr. Korman. I actually found out more about the possibilities for overweight people to improve their health through the seminars in which he spoke on these issues. Once I have heard all he had to say, I was sold. How could I not have been? The man had solutions to problems I desperately wanted to fix. I’m glad I had the surgery and couldn’t recommend Dr. Korman enough.

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Dr. Korman and I decided on a gastric bypass, and it went great.

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"It took a lifetime of obesity before I decided to have the surgery."


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