Marie H. Had Gastric Bypass Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

At 22 or 23, I passed well into the "obese" category. Since then, I felt, my life had fallen apart. If you had asked me at the time, I’d have said I didn’t even care whether I went on living, but if there was a way to change my life for the better, I was open to trying it.

Marie H.

I had been battling obesity for a long time. I felt my life had fallen apart. I'd tried everything else, including crash diets, fasting, and even gyms and healthy eating, but everything stopped working for me. I was well within the weight range to become eligible for weight-loss surgery. I was assured that bariatric surgery was generally very safe. So, I thought, with little risk and the potential for a huge reward what did I have to lose? In February 2006, I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. It was pain-free. I awoke in the recovery room and I asked when my operation would happen. Since then, I've lost 120 pounds. My health has never been better. I credit the weight-loss surgery, Marina Weight Loss and Dr. Korman, as well as myself and my own hard work, for a complete turnaround in my life. Like anyone suffering from severe obesity, I had choices. Mine were: do I live in fear, or do I take a risk? I chose to take the risk. I recommend it. It could be the best thing that happens to you in your entire life. It was for me.

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