CJ L. Had Gastric Bypass Surgery with Dr. Jeremy Korman

I chose not to think of all the things I couldn't have and look forward to all the things I can do, be and have. Awesome things like the energy to go for a walk without losing my breath had begun to open up to me.


I really appreciate Dr. Korman’s patience with my endless questions. Each step was completely explained, and before I left I was even given a detailed list of instructions of what I needed to do if I wanted to have surgery. My battle with food began in high school when I went on anti-depression medicine. The medication made me ravenously hungry and I began to eat three and four times as much food as I had in the past. The pattern of eating to deal with my overwhelming emotions had set in and nothing I did after that would really make it any better. Deep down I knew that unless I had a drill instructor standing there smacking the food out of my hands, I was never really going to deal with what was there for me. After surgery, I followed the diet plan and all their advice. That’s right, a new life. I look forward to all the things I can do, be and have. My favorite thing is meeting people I haven't seen in a while and having to re-introduce myself because they don’t recognize me. Yeah, that one never gets old.

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