Angela M. Had Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Sergey Lyass

For anyone considering talking to the experts at Cedars Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital, I say, do it. The time is now. Do your research, find the best option for your health and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You got this!

Angela M.

I knew that being healthy is a gift and that by achieving a healthy weight I would improve my overall quality of life. After doing my research, I decided that the gastric sleeve was the best option for my health. Post-surgery, I'm eating healthy every day. My favorite quick, go-to healthy meal is the egg bites from Starbucks. Now my biggest challenge is to remember to eat slowly. I'm also staying active and feeling amazing. Post-op, after I was cleared to exercise, my energy was through the roof and I started seeing the weight finally coming off. There were no obstacles in my way anymore. Before choosing surgery, I even tried crazy diets like all liquids and drinking celery soup or I listened to people telling me to only eat once a day. Now, I love my life and I've gained a respect for myself that I never thought I’d have.

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