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Sinus infections can negatively impact a patient’s life with symptoms such as nose clogging, headaches, frequent nosebleeds, snoring and sleep apnea. If proper medication does not alleviate these symptoms, doctors may recommend sinus surgery.

The sinuses are pairs of cavities in the skull. The walls of the sinuses are coated with a tissue called mucosa. Because of allergies or infections, inflammation of the mucosa might occur which will lead to mucus build-up. This, in turn, will cause a vast array of symptoms which can hinder the patient’s day-to-day life. If he notices that medication is not helping him, surgery becomes a viable option.

Sinus surgery is the procedure in which diseased tissue is removed to create a bigger pathway to help nasal drainage.

This is usually an outpatient procedure, so the patient will not have to stay overnight in the hospital.

The patient will be put under general anesthesia. After this, the surgeon will insert an endoscope, a small, metal tool with a camera at the end, into the nasal cavities.

When the doctor sees where the problem is and where the sinuses are clogged, he will insert another tool in order to remove small bone and mucosa fragments in order to permanently enlarge the sinus openings to decrease the chances of them clogging again.

After opening all the clogged cavities, the surgery is finished and the doctor uses some gauze to stop the bleeding.

There are a number of benefits linked to this procedure:

  • The patient will no longer have a clogged nose so often
  • Headaches, sinus pressure, facial pain and other symptoms similar to these will disappear
  • The patient’s sense of smell will improve
  • The patient’s day-to-day comfort will dramatically increase
  • The patient won’t suffer from snoring or sleep apnea anymore

The recovery time for this procedure is a fairly short one. After the patient wakes up from anesthesia, he is allowed to go home. There, it is recommended that he keeps his head elevated to promote nasal drainage. For a few days, the meals should be cold and light, in order to prevent irritating the nasal cavities. Spicy foods and dehydrating liquids, such as coffee and alcohol, are forbidden. Frequent nosebleeds are common, so the patient should take care to change his gauze in order to avoid infection. Using saline sprays is required to speed up the healing process. In approximately a week, patients will get back to normal.

Although fairly uncommon, there are a number of risks linked to this surgery. The most common one is that the sinuses can get infected and bleed profusely if the patient is not careful and doesn’t use saline spray. Other complications, although extremely rare, are damage to the eye or the skull, worsening the sense of smell and failure to resolve the original sinus infection and symptoms.

Sinus surgery is one of the most common procedures done in this day and age. Thousands of people go through it every year and the majority say that their condition improved massively. If you want to be part of that majority, call Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital at 888.600.5600 and make an appointment.

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When your sinus infection doesn’t respond to treatment with antibiotics and symptoms are not receding, your doctor might indicate surgery as the best option to correct your sinus condition.

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