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Our professionally trained surgeons at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital have always taken pride in their ability to perform successful surgeries and help their patients to live better and healthier lives.

Because of birth defects or serious accidents, some people may suffer from severe injuries to their faces. In these scenarios, they may have nerve, muscle or even bone damage that would leave their face with scars or even disfigurements. It is recommended that they undergo surgery in order to be relieved of these symptoms.

Because of birth abnormalities or severe accidents, people may suffer damage to their face which will leave some type of disfigurement. This may mean that cartilage or bone might be broken, that certain nerves are damaged and the patient’s face position is wrong or even that they can’t fully use their eyes or mouth. All of these can have a massive negative impact on someone’s daily life.

Facial reconstructive surgery is a precise medical procedure which aims to analyze the cause of the problem and fix it so that the patient can regain normal use and feel in their face.

First of all, the patient is carefully examined in order to find out what caused his problem.

After finding the cause, the surgeon and the patient will decide together the optimal medical procedure that would fit that specific case.

Even though there are multiple types of facial reconstructive surgeries, they all have some elements in common.

For example, the patient is always put under general anesthesia, so that he doesn’t feel any pain.

The surgeon will, usually, make small incisions in order to access the root of the problem and work on it.

Depending on the issue, muscles and nerves might be cut or rearranged in order to regain normal use of the face. Bone segments might have to be realigned and fixed together in order to promote good healing of the face.

There are many benefits to this procedure:

  • Usually, these procedures leave minimal scarring
  • The surgery will have a huge positive impact on the patient’s self-esteem
  • The patient will not have anymore seeing, hearing or speaking problems
  • The day-to-day life will be much more comfortable for the patient

Most of the facial reconstructive surgeries have a relatively small recovery time of about 3-6 weeks. Antibiotics will be prescribed in order to ensure that the patient doesn’t suffer any infections and, if they are needed, painkillers in order to help with the discomfort. In extremely severe cases, the patient will have to be extremely careful with their wounds, sleep in special positions, and after they are done, they might need to visit their doctor to make sure that everything is all right.

There are not many risks involved in this surgery. In some rare cases, the patient’s wound can get infected, but by being careful and taking care of the incision and taking the prescribed medication, the risk is minimal. In more complicated procedures, there is the risk that the patient will suffer from nerve damage that will leave his face numb or with tingling sensations.

If you or a loved one have suffered an accident or have birth abnormalities and they negatively impact your life, facial reconstructive surgery might be needed. At Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital, our experienced surgeons will make sure to take care of you and to make you feel and look brand new. Call us at 888.600.5600 and make an appointment with one of our doctors.

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