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Why Choose Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital for Adenoidectomy?

The adenoid glands are known to sometimes get infected. This, in turn, can cause multiple health issues, such as snoring, stuffy nose, breathing problems and even ear problems. If ones life has been negatively impacted by infection, the best course of action is to go with an adenoidectomy.

The adenoid glands are a type of lymphoid tissue, located near the tonsils in the nasal passages. Their main role is to protect the body from viruses and infections. They are a vestigial organ in adults. When your child is about 7 or 8 years old, the glands will begin to shrink until they almost completely disappear. This is why adenoid glands infections occur only in children. When this happens, they become enlarged and this leads to breathing problems, sinus infections, snoring or sleep apnea and even ear infections.

An adenoidectomy is a surgical procedure in which the adenoid glands are removed to prevent any further symptoms or infections.

The patient will be put under general anesthesia using both a mask anesthetic and an intravenous one.

After he is put asleep, the surgeon will use an instrument to keep the patient’s mouth open. After this, he will take a special type of scalpel that has its edge at a 90° angle.

Using e mirror, he will see in the nasal cavity and then he will carefully cut the adenoid glands and remove them.

After this, the base of the glands will be cauterized to prevent them from growing back.

This surgery is very easy and it doesn’t necessitate any external incisions.

There are several benefits that accompany this procedure:

  • The patient will no longer have breathing problems
  • The risk of ear infections will lower significantly
  • The patient won't be at risk of infecting his tonsils anymore
  • The patient will not suffer from nasal drainage anymore
  • The patient will not suffer from snoring or sleep apnea anymore

Besides being an extremely easy surgery, it is also an outpatient procedure. This means that the patient will be able to leave the hospital on the same day as the surgery. After coming home, it is recommended to eat only warm liquids, such as a vegetable broth, to avoid further irritating the throat. The patient will be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers to help with the discomfort. Usually, the pain and swelling last for only one week. To speed up the recovery period and to avoid getting infections, the patient should stay at home for about one week after the surgery.

As this is a very common procedure, there are very few risks involved. The most common ones are an infection of the wound and some bleeding. They can be countered by some antibiotics and inserting some gauze into the nostrils to suppress it. Other risks are a temporary change of voice and losing the sense of smell.

If your child’s adenoid glands are infected, his day-to-day life may be hindered. Unfortunately, this illness cannot be treated just by medication, so having an adenoidectomy is the only way to relieve your child of this burden. Call Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital at 888.600.5600 and talk to one of our doctors to make an appointment.

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