Dr. Korman Explains ROSE Surgery on KTLA-5

During bariatric surgery, the stomach is made smaller. Over time, the stomach can stretch — but ROSE surgery can help.

Over 100,000 people have gastric bypass surgery every year in America. One of the ways gastric bypass surgery works is by making the stomach smaller, so it can hold less food; the patient eats fewer calories, and the result is weight loss. But sometimes, the stomach can stretch back out in the years following surgery. This doesn't mean the operation wasn't a success; however, in such cases, a "maintenance" procedure, or revisional surgery, might be necessary.

In this clip, Dr. Jeremy Korman, the medical director of Marina Del Rey Hospital's weight loss surgery unit, introduces a weight-loss surgery patient. A few years after surgery, after she'd lost over 200 pounds, she started noticing the numbers on the scale creeping back up. She had the novel ROSE procedure, during which Dr. Korman inserted instruments through the esophagus to bring the stomach's size back down. Since the revision, she has more energy than ever.

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