Rob Gronkowski Undergoes Surgery at Marina Del Rey Hospital

Rob Gronkowski, dominant New England Patriots tight end, recently underwent herniated disk surgery at the Marina Del Rey Hospital with Dr. Robert Watkins in an effort to prepare for the upcoming 2013 NFL season.

Gronkowski has a history of back troubles and had also undergone four previous surgeries to fix his broken arm due to complications involving infection. Gronkowski’s disk surgery, however, went well according to Dr. Watkins. If he is able to put in the required time and effort during the rehabilitation phase, there is a great chance he will play for the Patriots this season, albeit missing a few games (between 1-7).

Gronkowski’s position, tight end, puts an enormous amount of strain on the back as he crashes into 300 pound lineman close to every play. Given his natural tendency toward back injury, it was important to have Dr. Watkins, a world renowned back surgeon, perform the operation. Though there is no guarantee Gronkowski will be injury free in the future, in many major news outlets he stated that he feels comfortable knowing that he placed his career and future health in the hands of such a capable and respected surgeon. Dr. Watkins has performed this surgery, known as a discectomy, on NFL players before, most recently Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants.

As Gronkowski continues rehabilitation through the rest of the summer, it remains unclear exactly when he will start. His progress in rehabilitation is being closely monitored and will be the ultimate factor in when he will return to his career, his team, and the game he loves.

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