Peyton Manning Undergoes Surgery at Marina Del Rey Hospital

Star NFL quarterback Peyton Manning received back surgery at Marina Del Rey Hospital's spine center, and thanks to the procedure, performed by Dr. Robert Watkins, he's back on the gridiron, in a new uniform and a new city.

After previous herniated-disc surgery was unsuccessful, Manning had the operation in 2011 in Marina Del Rey. Dr. Watkins removed the problem disc, inserted a bone graft, and fused the neck vertebrae on either side. Recovery was a long process, but he eventually re-learned his passing mechanics and regained much of his lost strength.

But his team, the Indianapolis Colts, released him from his contract in 2012, preferring to focus on a young quarterback they had recently signed. Manning found a home in Denver, on a five-year, $96 million contract, and as the Broncos' quarterback, he led his new team to a 13-3 record in 2012.

And in 2013, he's gotten even better. As of Dec. 14, he had 47 touchdown passes on the season, with two games to go — three shy of the all-time record of 50, held by Tom Brady. Overcoming back problems to regain status as a hall-of fame athlete? With the right treatment and attitude, it's possible — at least, it was for Peyton Manning, with help from Dr. Watkins and the Marina spine center.