New Hospital Gift Shop Offers Local Fare

Next time you arrive at Marina Del Rey Hospital, you'll have one more smiling person to greet you on the way in — and you can get locally handcrafted chocolate from her, as well.

Julie Smith opened Jules By The Sea, the hospital's new gift shop, just last month. It is the first time the Marina Del Rey Hospital campus has had a true gift shop in several years.

"This is a very unique and special hospital, and I wanted to carry that feeling over to the gift shop," Julie said. She has succeeded; the new boutique is truly unlike other hospitals gift shops. Jules By The Sea features handmade painted greeting cards, finely crafted soaps, and organic preserves (chipotle-orange and limoncello are favorites); all from an impressive roster of local artists and artisans. You can even purchase artisanal chocolates, from an El Segundo chocolatier, that feature delicious ingredients like agave and sea salt.

In addition to the more exotic merchandise, Julie is happy to offer soda, juice, flower arrangements, and snacks: the standards. This is one in a series of upgrades and renovations at Marina Del Rey Hospital.

"This hospital is very caring," Julie said. “The people I’ve met have made me feel like this is a really unique, special place. And great people work here." The nurses, she said, have told her that they enjoy dropping by for a moment in the middle of their busy days: "That's very comforting. That means I'm doing the right thing."

And she definitely returns the appreciation and warm feelings. "Every day," she said, "I feel so blessed and lucky that I get to come in and call this work."

If you’re visiting Marina Del Rey Hospital, pay a visit to Jules by the Sea gift shop for a unique gift, a snack or to say a warm hello to Julie.

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