MDRH Leading the Way in Joint Replacement with Mako Robotics System

In December, we welcomed the newest addition to our surgical team, the Mako Robot, during an interactive unveiling in our lobby.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a hands-on demonstration, and for those of you who missed it, here’s why Mako is so special.

Mako allows our expert, joint-replacement surgeons to perform even more precise knee and hip replacement procedures. Marina Del Rey Hospital is one of only a select few hospitals in the Greater Los Angeles area to offer Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery. In fact, there are currently only 30 total Mako Robots at work in the U.S.

Dr. John V. Tiberi has already begun performing procedures with Mako, and has this to say, As physicians and surgeons, I believe that we have an onus to discover how advances in technology can help us to improve techniques and provide better outcomes for our patients. The Mako robotic system represents a great example of this type of surgical technology. Other types of surgical specialties have been successfully using robotics for many years. Mako has enabled orthopaedic surgeons and patients to experience the benefits of robotic assistance in surgery.”

In hip and knee replacement, accurate implant position and recreating appropriate soft tissue and ligament tension are goals that are known to be related to good patient outcomes. The Mako system allows the surgeon to be better able to plan the surgery in three dimensions, compared to 2D planning available with standard x-rays. The robotic arm assists the surgeon with accurate and precise execution of that plan to a degree higher than what is capable with manual instruments alone. Finally, the system provides a way to accurately confirm the plan's execution prior to finishing the surgery, so necessary adjustments can be made if needed.

“These processes lead to more accurate implant position and ligament and soft tissue tensioning, which I believe reduces failures and improves outcomes,“ adds Dr. Tiberi.

Thanks to Dr. Tiberi and the Mako robotics system, Marina Del Rey Hospital now offers the best choice for patients seeking knee and hip replacements. In January, Dr. Tiberi became the first surgeon in the southwestern region to perform total knee replacement with Mako.  This is a wonderful achievement of which we can all be very proud.