Marina Weight Loss Hosts Annual Patient Celebration

Every year the staff at Marina Weight Loss, the weight loss surgery program at Marina Del Rey Hospital host the Patient Celebration Event. This luncheon, held at a nearby hotel, honors patients who have reached their goal weight but all patients are encouraged to attend.

On February 18th about 50 Marina Weight Loss patients came together to celebrate not only their own success but the success of all those on their journey to weight loss. At the Patient Celebration event, Marina Del Rey Hospital staff members and attendees honored 15 bariatric patients who had reached their goal weight.

The celebration attendees were former Marina Weight Loss patients who underwent one of the many surgical weight loss procedures offered at the hospital (gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, gastric plication, sleeve gastrectomy) and achieved success in weight loss. These patients clearly understand that bariatric surgery is only the first step toward successful weight loss and made the necessary lifestyle changes required for success.

Aided by their procedure, they changed their eating habits and performed physical exercises on a regular basis. Today the keep working with enthusiasm and determination to improve their health and overall quality of life. Surgery is not an easy way out. Hard work and dedication are required and those who achieved their goal in weight loss should feel proud, they did a remarkable job.

"My work as a surgeon starts them on the road to weight loss, but surgery isn’t an easy way out," said Dr. Jeremy Korman, the medical director for Marina Del Rey’s bariatric program. “These patients should feel very proud of the remarkable weight loss they’ve achieved, as well as all the hard work and dedication it took."

The crowd at the gathering were shown pictures of the patients from before their weight loss surgery procedure and then, one-by-one, the patients came forward and gave brief speeches of thanks and encouragement. The patients talked about their weight loss journey and about how their life changed after triumphing over obesity encouraging those patients who have not reached their goal weight to stay strong.

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