D’Andre Bell underwent laminoplasty at MDRH

It’s been very tough, very emotional,” Bell said. “It hurts sometimes because you know what you can do and you know what differences you can make if you were out there.

Georgia Tech senior D’Andre Bell underwent a laminoplasty performed at Marina Del Rey Hospital, a procedure to fix the narrowing of Bell’s spinal canal. Diving for a loose ball on Oct. 10, he collided with Zachery Peacock’s leg and felt numbness, then tingling in his extremities. It was not the first time Bell had felt tingling, but it was the most severe episode.

Bell’s diagnosis was spinal stenosis, an abnormal narrowing in the cervical portion of his spine. Dr. Watkins said he inserted four one-inch titanium plates that give Bell “a tremendous increase in the room of the spinal canal.”

“He doesn’t have a neurology deficit, and his hands are functioning better after the surgery than before,” said Watkins. “I think it’s just significantly positive, his chances of returning to play.”