Drs. Robert Watkins Sr. and Jr. to Operate on Brad Ausmus

Before Saturday, Ausmus, a three-time Gold Glove-winning catcher, had never been on the disabled list in the major leagues.

Dodgers catcher Brad Ausmus learned on his 41st birthday that he will need surgery to repair a herniated disk on his back and will miss at least 3 months. He originally felt the pain shortly after catching all 9 innings of last Thursday's game at Pittsburgh, the Dodgers' first win of the season, and it kept him from sitting or lying down for any long period of time.

Ausmus was put on the 15-day disabled list Saturday because of a lower-back injury. He received an epidural injection in a last-ditch effort to avoid an operation but he was fairly sure he would need surgery after. Ausmus will undergo surgery Thursday morning at Marina Del Rey Hospital. It will be performed by Drs. Robert Watkins Sr. and Jr.