Compassionate Care Improves Outcomes

The authority in travel nursing,, recently published an article on how nursing and compassionate care during orientation can improve outcomes.

Paulette Heitmeyer, RN, Chief Nursing Officer at Marina Del Rey Hospital was quote several time in the article.

“Compassion allows a patient to feel cared for, respected and trust that the nurse has his or her best interest in mind,” Heitmeyer said. “When patients feel that a nurse truly cares, they begin to allow you in, offering the small details that may lead to a diagnosis, or information that could help you better care for him or her.”

When the patients are relaxed, Heitmeyer added, they often have a shorter length of stay in the hospital, decreased pain, decreased anxiety and an overall optimistic outlook on their recovery.

“The patient looks upon the nurse for guidance, information and truly to make them better,” Heitmeyer explained.

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