Gastric Bypass and Fractures: Dr. Korman on KFI-AM

A recent study showed that following gastric bypass surgery, the patient's bones may be at risk. Dr. Korman goes on the radio to discuss.

A recent study at the Mayo Clinic found that among 142 gastric bypass surgery patients, one quarter had broken a bone in the years following the procedure.

Dr. Korman said that gastric bypass surgery changes digestion. One of the steps in gastric bypass is the rerouting of the intestine. The surgeon shortens the intestinal tract, and as a result, food doesn't pass through a section that's efficient at digesting calcium. The result: weaker bones.

Dr. Korman said bones also get less dense with natural weight loss because they don't have to support as much mass. Patients should not worry about weak bones following bariatric surgery, Dr. Korman said, and the benefits of surgery far outweigh the risk to bones. Patients shuold take calcium and vitamin D supplements to balance out this effect and protect bone health, he said.

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