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At Marina Del Rey Hospital, our comprehensive range of minimally invasive surgical options includes laparoscopic techniques. This allows our highly-trained surgeons to operate through small incisions to minimize scarring and recovery time.

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Gynecological Conditions

Cancers of the reproductive system affect 1 in 20 women. Because cancer has such a powerful impact on the lives of so many women, their partners, families and friends, Marina Del Rey Hospital continually investigates advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our skilled gynecological surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgeries for cancers of the cervix, ovary, uterus, vagina, vulva, and fallopian tubes, including endometrial cancer, the most common gynecologic cancer in the U.S.

It is extremely important to detect cancer early, which is why we encourage every woman to see a gynecologist at least once per year. If you have any of these symptoms regularly, please get checked out by a doctor right away:

  • Bloating
  • Abdominal or pelvic pain, including pain during sex
  • Vaginal discharge or abnormal bleeding, especially if you are no longer having periods
  • Difficulty eating
  • Urinary symptoms
  • A lump or mass in your abdomen
  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Anemia

Treatments & Procedures

Now Marina Del Rey Hospital offers another breakthrough minimally invasive surgical approach that’s changing the experience of surgery for women. Robotic surgery provides a safer alternative to the large abdominal incisions and scarring involved with traditional women’s surgery. Another big difference – our robot-assisted surgery allows a faster recovery for a quicker return back to your normal activities. In gynecology, the da Vinci Si Surgical System has made huge strides, particularly for women undergoing hysterectomy procedures.

Our da Vinci® Si Surgical System is the most advanced robotic surgery platform available. Its benefits include less pain, reduced blood loss, smaller scars and shorter recovery times. It can also improve clinical outcomes, with less risk than invasive open surgeries and more precision than conventional laparoscopic techniques.

In the hands of our experienced surgeons, the da Vinci Si Surgical System gets you back to your life faster. Unlike rigid “straight stick” laparoscopy, robotic movements are incredibly precise, giving our talented surgeons greater flexibility to perform complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions. Robot hands translate the surgeon’s intuitive movements, twisting and maneuvering with super accurate dexterity to reach tumors, scar tissue and fibroids. More precision means less body trauma, significantly less pain and a shorter hospital stay.

The sophisticated camera gives our expertly trained doctors a highly magnified 3-D perspective of each patient’s unique anatomy. Especially for hysterectomy patients or women with large fibroids or excessive scar tissue from multiple C-sections, the unprecedented control of this new surgical approach can increase the likelihood of a fast recovery.

To learn more about what you can do to help yourself or a loved one prepare for the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis, please contact one of our highly qualified gynecological surgeons to schedule a consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently hear the terms outpatient or inpatient used when relating to a type of diagnostic or therapeutic procedure. Inpatient surgery means that the procedure requires the patient to be admitted to the hospital, mainly so that he or she can be carefully monitored throughout the procedure and afterward, during recovery. Outpatient surgery, however, does not involve an overnight stay at the hospital.

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Hysterectomy is often performed in women who are very overweight. If you are having health problems that may require this procedure, and you are concerned that your weight will affect the outcome, ask your doctor about possible ways to mitigate any risk.

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Abnormal uterine bleeding is usually treated with medication which will reduce the hemorrhage or, depending on the particularities of each case, with hormonal therapy in order to stop or regulate the menstrual cycle.

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Uterine polyps, or growths on the uterine lining, are not cancerous most of the time. However, some polyps — called precancerous polyps — have the potential to turn into cancer.

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The early warnings of gynecologic cancer are: abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, pain or pressure in the pelvic area and Itching, burning, rashes, sores, warts, or changes in skin color.

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