Will my bowel function change after the laparoscopic sigmoidectomy surgery?

It is normal to experience some bowel movement changes after the surgery, such as frequent stools or the urgency to use the toilet.

Such transformations are varied and differ with each patient. They can be irregular, uncontrollable, or clustered but require an adjustment period.

These symptoms will disappear over time if you follow the dietary and medication program prescribed by your doctor.

In the aftermath of the surgery, your bowel needs to adapt to its new structure, given that a part of it has been removed.

As you recover, you will gradually be able to reduce the medication and the amount of fiber intake. However, most patients manage to feel as they did before the surgery and resume a regular diet with no restrictions in the long term.

Bowel changes after surgery

Following any colorectal procedure, you will go through a readjustment phase. The transformation of your colon is a gradual process of adaptation, and the effects on your bowels can be diverse until they return to normal in several weeks:

    • increased frequency
    • loose stools
    • reduced control
    • soreness around the anus
    • constipation
    • heavy cramps
    • bloating and passing wind
    • presence of blood in the stool

If you experience persistent problems with changes in your bowel function and how to manage them, make sure to contact your specialist.

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