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Will I get skin cancer again after the skin cancer surgery?

Patients who have had skin cancer find it hard not to worry about cancer coming back after surgery, as recurrent cancer is very common.

For most people with basal or squamous cell skin cancers, cancer will be removed or destroyed by treatment.

We recommend that patients with a history of skin cancer have regular check-ups with their general dermatologists, as well as follow a healthy lifestyle: exercise, don't smoke, and avoid all the factors that might put your health in danger again.

Although rarer than basal or squamous cell skin cancers, more advanced skin cancers can be treated but treatment may not make cancer go away completely. People with advanced skin cancer can help keep it in check for as long as possible with regular radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or other treatments.

Therefore, completing treatment can be hard, as learning to live with chronic cancer can be difficult and very stressful.

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