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Why do I still feel pain after surgery and after trying all sorts of treatments?

There are many factors that can contribute to the persistence of pain such as amputation, stress, panic, emotions, behavior, etc.

The intensity of your pain is not necessarily limited to the extent of your injury, or to how severe your disease is. Even after having a limb amputated one may still feel pain in the missing limb as if the surgery never happened. At times, the area that hurts may not even be the same area that you've injured, and for many people who suffer from chronic pain, the pain can persist long after the tissue has healed.

At times of panic or stress, there might even be no pain at all until after the emergency has passed. When you feel pain, besides the actual tissue damage, your brain takes into consideration other factors too. Factors that can increase or decrease the pain you feel.

Emotions, behavior, thoughts, play a crucial role in the management of pain. Negative thoughts will cause pain to stagnate.

The way we experience pain can be controlled by changing these factors.

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