Who qualifies for a band over bypass procedure?

A weight loss surgeon will be able to tell you whether you qualify for this procedure or not after talking to you and examining you.

Band over bypass is performed when the patient has already had gastric bypass surgery and regained weight afterward. To qualify for the procedure, the patient must also meet the typical requirements for bariatric surgery:

  • BMI over 40
  • BMI over 35 and weight-related problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

How will band over bypass help me lose weight?

Band over bypass will help you limit your food intake by promoting the sensation of fullness after each meal. Band over bypass is usually a successful procedure and it helps patients re-start their weight loss program easily due to the lap band placed around the stomach that helps reduce the intake of food.

After this intervention, your body will behave similarly as it did during the first months following your initial gastric bypass.

What dietary restrictions should I follow after band over bypass?

Your doctor will tell you what type of restrictions should be applied in the aftermath of the surgery.

After the intervention, you might find it hard to consume thick bread or fibrous food. Initially, you will have a diet based on liquids and you will gradually be able to eat solid foods.

After band over bypass is generally recommended to have a diet that doesn’t contain too much fat and sugar.

Carbohydrates should be consumed moderately and high-protein foods are recommended. However, your doctor will provide you with precise indications based on your individual needs. You will have to patiently and slowly chew the food before swallowing.

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