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Who is plastic surgery for?

Plastic surgery is for any person who is unsatisfied with a body feature and wishes to surgically correct it.

Part of it implies procedures used for cosmetic purposes, applied to any person who is unsatisfied with an aesthetic feature, which they would like to correct, such as droopy eyelids, or a nose with an enlarged arch, or deformed ear-lobes, or basically any facial feature, as well as reshaping various parts of the body, generally breasts or buttocks. There are specific variations in cosmetic surgery, which benefit the elderly, such as laser corrections for thin to deep tissue wrinkles, facelifts and even breast implants for the ladies. The reasons for opting to undergo plastic surgery are influenced by a variety of factors and thus the candidates for such procedures are as varied as the background they come from. In most of the cases, the general reason is to feel better about ones-self.

The second main reasoning for plastic surgery is the psychological need to be “normal” or “like everybody else” mostly induced by persons, who are victims of various accidents that led to body deformity, or who have suffered from some disease, like cancer, which deformed tissue or even an entire organ.

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