Where is the STARR incision usually made?

Your doctor will tell you more about how this surgery is performed before you decide to have it.

A single small incision is made in the abdomen, usually in the belly button. Then, the doctor will operate with the aid of a small and flexible tube that measures approximately 18 mm in diameter and inserted through the incision. The tube has an instrument attached to it that will be deployed during the intervention.

The state-of-the-art surgical system is controlled with great ease and precision. Due to the single-incision approach, STARR treatment is currently one of the most innovative bariatric procedures we perform. The recovery time and postoperative discomfort are significantly reduced in this type of intervention.

Other minimally invasive procedures carried out through STARR treatment

The STARR technique is already famous for its efficiency applied to procedures like:

Less postoperative pain and scarring make it a successful method, but it is not always suitable for these procedures, as they might require more than once incision, depending on the case.

Your surgeon will inform you in advance whether the STARR technique is suitable for your particular situation so that you can benefit from the best possible outcome.

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