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When should I see a pain medicine doctor?

You should see a pain specialist when you suffer from pain that does not go away, acute or chronic.

Pain is a sensation triggered by various causes, and it is of many types. It is a very personal and private experience, and sometimes it can even become frustrating to have the same symptoms again and again after trying treatments that don't work. The short, intense, pain felt when a tissue suffers a lesion or when a nerve is sensitive, is an acute pain that signals your body to stop whatever you may be doing. It is the way your brain "informs" the body that damage has occurred. It is time to see a doctor when pain signals are lengthy or repetitive so that the healing can occur immediately, or when you feel a significant change in your symptoms.

However, chronic pain is not likely to heal by itself. You will need a doctor to guide you and be with you along the way while applying the method of therapy that is most suitable for you.

Whenever you experience any symptoms of pain, you should see a doctor, as the acute pain, left untreated could turn into chronic pain and make things more difficult.

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