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When should I consider hammertoe repair?

Hammertoe repair should be considered only when non-surgical treatments fail to alleviate the pain.

Hammertoe is a condition that causes one of the three middle toes of your foot bend upwards. Generally, the symptoms that arise from this condition can be managed with changes in lifestyle such as wearing bigger size shoes or shoe inserts or pads may reduce or eliminate your pain.

Stretching exercises that strengthen your toe, for instance, trying to crumple a towel with your toes may be helpful in some cases. If these methods do not relieve your pain and you feel uncomfortable while wearing shoes, you may consider a surgical treatment option, which is called hammertoe repair. This procedure will be considered medically necessary if:

  • Your foot is painful
  • Hammertoe affects balance
  • Hammertoe affects the general health of your foot
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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/