When can I start driving again after an ulnar nerve decompression procedure?

Following this intervention, you will require follow-up in order to receive appropriate guidelines for your recovery. During your follow-up meeting, you will be told when it’s ok to resume driving.

It is also important to avoid effort for a while because any strenuous movements can impair the result of the surgery. You shouldn’t be driving as long as you are still taking your pain medicine and you are still having a dressing. This means at least several days following the intervention. 

Your physician will advise an exercise plan to enable a full range of motion of the elbow joint. Muscle stretching and toning exercises are gradually performed, not only to restore full function but also to reduce swelling and control pain.

How long does it take to recover?

Patients who had ulnar nerve surgery can typically go home the same day, however, the arm needs to be kept elevated for 24-48 hours after surgery to prevent swelling and you may need to wear a splint on your elbow for a few weeks while the area heals. Once you are discharged, you will be able to start your home recovery. Your doctor will advise you to resume your activities gradually.

The recovery time varies per individual, from weeks to months depending on:

  • their age and overall health
  • the severity of the condition before the surgery was performed
  • how well the patient responds to physical therapy

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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/