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What types of surgeries are there for ankle arthritis?

Patients generally have the option of arthrodesis or ankle replacement.

There are different types of surgical procedures for patients with ankle arthritis. Consult your doctor to help you make the decision that satisfies your needs and helps your condition.

Surgical procedures for ankle arthritis

  • Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, used to evaluate the damaged ligament, to remove pieces of cartilage or bone debris from the joint space, or repair a damaged ligament.
  • Ankle fusion - during this surgical procedure the surgeon removes the surfaces of the joints affected by arthritis and joins the bones with plates and screws until they grow together (fuse).
  • Ankle replacement - it may be an option when the ankle arthritis interferes with joint function and causes pain that cannot be relieved by medication.
  • Ankle distraction arthroplasty is an innovative procedure that uses an external fixator, assembled around the lower leg and foot and attached with pins and wires. This type of surgical procedure preserves the joint and its natural motion.
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