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What should I expect from an eyelid repair procedure?

Your doctor will be able to tell you what results you should expect after examining you. Moreover, he or she will also provide you with all the necessary aftercare guidelines following this surgery.

The results of eyelid repair surgery usually are long-lasting. Most patients look presentable in 1-2 weeks, but it can take a few months before the healing process is completed.

Eyelid repair surgery can correct certain conditions permanently, and good results are expected from this procedure, however, there is no 100% guarantee. In some cases, it may not be possible to obtain optimal results with a single procedure and another surgery may be necessary. Follow the postoperative instructions, this is very important to achieve the best results.

During the healing period, it is important to protect the surgical incisions from:

  • excessive force
  • abrasion
  • motion

Have an honest discussion with your surgeon

Discuss with your surgeon about your motivation and expectations regarding the procedure, this will help set the stage for a successful outcome. Most people are satisfied with the results of their eyelid repair surgery. After your full recovery, you will enjoy seeing better, looking better and feeling more confident.

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