What should I do in the hours preceding the intervertebral disc excision surgery?

We will tell you how to prepare for the surgery, step by step, so that everything works as planned during and after the surgery.

The first step in getting cleared for intervertebral disc excision surgery is ensuring you take the medication prescribed by your doctor. Bring with you to the hospital a list of other drugs you might be using on a regular basis and a list of any allergies you might have.

You should not smoke and drink alcohol 1-2 weeks before the intervention to avoid bleeding and healing troubles.

Instructions preceding the intervertebral disc excision surgery

On the morning of the scheduled intervention, you should:

  • shower using antibacterial soap: it kills bacteria and diminishes surgical site infections
  • follow eating and drinking indications
  • remove any jewelry, contacts, piercings, or make-up
  • wear freshly washed, comfortable clothes and flat-heeled shoes

Make sure to arrive at the surgery center two hours in advance to complete the necessary paperwork and pre-procedure anesthesiology review.

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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/