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What should I do for a better and faster recovery after an MCL reconstruction?

Once the pain goes away, you would normally begin physical therapy.

After your MCL reconstruction surgery, it is necessary to follow your doctor’s instructions for a smooth and fast recovery.

 Things to do for better recovery after an MCL reconstruction:

  • Rest - Your body needs time to heal after this surgical procedure. The more rest you can get, the faster you will recover.
  • Medication - Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medication to help control swelling. Take your medications as prescribed and consult with your doctor if you feel pain.
  • Ice and compression - You can manage swelling and pain without medications with cold compression therapy that can help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Joint support - Use the brace and crutches keeping weight off the leg for a period after surgery as your doctor recommends it.
  • Physical therapy - At a certain point during your recovery, you will need physical therapy to help strengthen and stretch the muscles surrounding the knee. This also improves the range of motion. Once you begin your exercises you should proceed slowly and listen to your body's response to this added effort. It is important to allow the ligament to heal sufficiently, otherwise, you may be exposing yourself to re-injury.
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