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What other ailments is a fetus with cleft palate likely to suffer from?

Most children with cleft palate develop in a normal way unless there are problems associated with the cleft.

The cleft palate often occurs as a part of a larger syndrome and most of these syndromes also include learning disabilities. Children with a cleft palate may have a slightly increased risk of having learning disabilities, especially difficulty to learn how to read.

Depending upon the type and severity of the cleft, children with orofacial clefts may face different challenges in life, which include:

  • Feeding difficulty: This is one of the greatest concerns after birth and infants with a cleft palate may have difficulty in sucking milk.
  • Infections of the ear and hearing loss
  • Speech difficulties: Cleft palate interferes with the development of normal speech and may have a nasal twang.
  • Dental problems: If the cleft palate extends over the upper gum, the development of the tooth gets affected.
  • Other challenges of coping with a medical condition: Children with orofacial clefts may also face social, emotional, and behavioral problems because of difference in appearance and stress of extensive medical care.
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