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What might the doctor advise me to do in order to prepare for the surgery?

There are several aspects which the doctor might advise you to take into consideration before the surgical intervention.

The majority of surgeries require you to not drink or eat anything prior to the procedure, as anesthesia can cause vomiting during or after the intervention and you could thus easily choke. Even though such occurrences are quite rare, it is better to be cautious, since anesthesia annihilates most body reflexes.

If you have weight issues, you may be suggested to be particularly careful with your food intake, as the risk of postoperative complications is significantly higher if you are overweight. Although losing weight benefits the body during the recovery process, it is not recommended to start a diet less than a month before surgery. However, all patients are recommended to eat healthy in order to recover faster.

Alcohol is also an important factor when it comes to surgical interventions. Due to the fact that it can lead to severe complications during the surgery, including excessive bleeding, alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden. Alcohol consumption can also affect the liver in conjunction with anesthetics.

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