What is the success rate for heart bypass surgery?

Access to a newer technology and research significantly improved the heart bypass surgery's success rate over time.

Heart bypass surgery is relatively safe and effective as it helps patients recover the quality of life they had before developing heart disease. A successful heart bypass surgery is one which decreases the patient’s risk of heart attack and death.

The current success rate for bypass surgery is 95%-98%. Surgeons are performing nearly hundreds to thousands of heart bypass surgeries each year. Most of these patients experience relief from their symptoms and do not have to take long-term medications. Research and new technological advances have improved the success rate of heart bypass surgery.

Complications may occur but are very rare

The more severe your heart condition, the higher is your risk of developing complications. However, the rate of mortality is quite low, and as per a report, about 2-3% of patients may die as a result of heart bypass surgery.  Overall, most patients can expect a better quality of life after heart bypass surgery with improvements such as reduced chest pain and in other symptoms associated with coronary artery blockage.

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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/

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