What is the goal of a meniscus repair procedure?

The goal of the meniscus repair procedure is to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. A meniscus tear requires a blood supply to heal.

Since the inner portion of the meniscus has no blood supply, once a tear occurs in this area, it cannot heal by itself. Only the peripheral region of the meniscus has the ability to heal itself without surgical intervention. Many types of meniscus tears occur in the region of the meniscus without an adequate blood supply for healing.

Meniscus repair procedures are generally limited to this peripheral region of the meniscus. A successful meniscus repair preserves meniscus tissue and mitigates the degenerative changes.

The benefits of surgery to repair tears in the meniscus

Some key advantages of the meniscus repair procedure are pain reduction and improvement in movement. Arthroscopic meniscus repair is a safe procedure, which allows the patients to maintain a comfortable, active lifestyle. Other benefits of meniscus repair surgery include:

  • Faster recovery
  • Restored function and mobility of the knee
  • Mitigates further degeneration of the knee

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