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What is sinusitis and how can it be treated?

Sinusitis is an affection involving the inflammation of the sinus lining due to an infection and it is usually treated with antibiotics or endoscopic sinus surgery.

Sinuses are hollow cavities situated within the bones surrounding the nose. Sinusitis occurs due to viral or bacterial infection of the sinuses, commonly during a cold. The lining of the sinuses become swollen, and thereby block the channels draining these. This will lead to build up of mucus and pus within the sinus space. The typical symptoms of sinusitis include: blocked nose, pain or feeling of pressure or heaviness around the eyes, yellowish or green colored mucosal secretions, and fever.

Sinusitis can be managed with the use of nasal decongestants and antibiotics. Bacterial sinusitis may be treated with a long course of antibiotics. In chronic conditions of sinusitis, endoscopic sinus surgery may be required.

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