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What is chemotherapy and how is it given?

Chemotherapy is one of the treatment methods used to treat cancer forms. Most often it is given as an intravenous injection. Other ways chemotherapy can be administered are in the form of pills and in the form of intrathecal/intraventricular injections when the drug goes directly into the spinal fluid.

Chemotherapy is destined to kill the cancer cells which divide rapidly. The mechanisms by which these drugs work are causing damage to the DNA of the cancerous cells, preventing the division of the cancerous cells, and disturbing the metabolism of the cancerous cells.

Chemotherapy is administered in cycles. Each treatment session will be followed by a period of rest. The treatment comprises of several cycles, which last for one, two, or four weeks.

Various types of chemotherapeutic drugs are available today. The oncologist will determine the one or a combination of these that suits the patient's condition well.

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