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What is a shoulder reconstruction?

Shoulder reconstruction is a surgical procedure suitable for patients with various shoulder problems resulted from injury or illness.

Shoulder reconstruction surgery is performed on patients with shoulder instability to repair the torn or stretched ligaments, improve stability, restore the function and prevent recurrent dislocations of the shoulder joint.

Treating the torn or stretched ligaments is at first attempted through treatments such as:

  • immobilization
  • medication
  • physiotherapy, and
  • manipulation

If these are not successful, a shoulder reconstruction will then be recommended.

During shoulder reconstruction, the torn ligaments are stitched back to the shoulder socket using special anchors. Also, the overstretched capsules and ligaments are tightened.

This surgery can be performed through a scope with smaller incisions and tiny instruments to perform the repair. However, in some cases, an open surgical procedure that involves a larger incision over the shoulder to perform the repair may be required. 

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