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What happens after the flatfoot surgery?

Patients may go home the day of the surgery or they may require an overnight hospital stay. A splint will be used to restrict the leg movement and it should be kept in an elevated position for the first two weeks.

Flatfoot surgery is a combination of procedures that:

  • repair ligaments and tendons
  • correct deformities of the bones
  • restore and support the arch of the feet

It can also reduce pain and help the patients return to an active life.

Things to do right after the surgery

  • your foot will be in a cast or splint, numb and pain-free
  • you will be released from the hospital only when you feel better
  • you will be given a follow-up appointment
  • pain medication will be prescribed by your doctor if required

Recommendations for the first few weeks

  • in order to reduce swelling elevate your foot as much as possible
  • your doctor probably will recommend physiotherapy
  • your doctor may recommend using an ankle brace
  • your physiotherapist will give you a custom rehabilitation program
  • the physiotherapist will teach you how to keep the weight off your operated leg
  • avoid smoking, it may delay your recovery
  • avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications, it can delay or prevent the bones from fusing

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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/