What does long-term care imply after a revascularization procedure?

The long-term care after a revascularization surgery involves the management of the risk factors that contribute to heart disease through lifestyle changes. Your doctor will discuss these with you before you are discharged.

Certain risk factors such as family history are not modifiable, but, dietary factors and exercise habits may be changed. Your recovery process will be progressive and you will need to follow the guidelines advised by your surgical care team. Here are the steps you should take to improve your heart health after revascularization surgery:

  • Smoking cessation: Smoking will cause damage to the artery walls and contribute to coronary artery disease. It is essential to stop smoking in order to slow down the progression of heart disease.
  • Intake of a healthy diet: Poor diet will contribute to cardiovascular disease. A heart-healthy diet, low in cholesterol, saturated and trans-fats is helpful to slow down the plaque build-up on artery walls.
  • Activity and physical exercise: After six weeks of your revascularization surgery, you may return to physical activity. Walking is a good choice of physical activity that can help to gradually rebuild your activity level.
  • Managing stress: Chronic stress is a risk factor for heart disease. It is important to avoid stress and follow a heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • Take medications regularly: It is important to take prescription medications to promote healing and to reduce risks of future heart problems. After revascularization surgery, medications such as cholesterol-lowering medications, aspirin, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, and nitrates may be given.
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Source: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Medical-Library/

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