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What can I expect my recovery to be like?

You might experience slow intestinal function because of the anesthesia. We can help you with stool softeners or suppositories in this matter, but you can use mineral oil intake as well to avoid constipation. Once you pass flatus and you begin to have a better appetite you can return to your regular diet.

We are usually working on letting you go home on the first day following surgery after we analyze carefully your medical condition.

After surgery, you are usually allowed to drink liquids and sit up in bed. Your diet will evolve from liquids to solids. You might not have a good appetite for a few days after surgery.

You might need pain medication for a while, but this can also cause constipation, so we advise you to stop using them as soon as you can tolerate your post-operative condition.  

Another condition you may experience after surgery is fatigue. Make sure you will rest and relax enough being home and fatigue will diminish with time.

Ambulation is a very important aspect after surgery. We recommend that you get out of bed a few hours after surgery and walk around being assisted by a nurse or a family member. This is how you avoid blood clots forming in your legs. The following days after surgery you should get up several times (5-6 times) from bed for a walk in your home. This will help not only reduce the chance of deep vein thrombosis and pneumonia but will normalize your bowel function as well.

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