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What can I expect after the facial reconstruction procedure?

A much more normal appearance can be expected after surgery. Sometimes, a follow-up procedure is needed during the next 1-4 years.

You will be able to leave the hospital within 1 week of undergoing facial reconstructive surgery. Aftercare during the initial two days will be in the intensive care unit. However, complete recovery and healing may take at least six weeks.

You may experience some pain after the surgery even when you are on pain medications, but this is normal. Acute pain management in major surgical procedures lasts for 6-12 weeks and 7-10 days in cases of minor surgeries. You may also expect:

  • Maximum discomfort during the first few days, which improves as days pass by.
  • Bruising, tenderness, swelling, and feeling of numbness and tightness in the skin for the first 10-14 days.
  • Facial swelling, which may cause a strange, distorted look.
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